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Eemax 13kw

Eemax is a brand that specializes in quality, reliable and affordable water heating systems. Their 13 kw water tankless electric water heater is perfect for those who want the convenience of a240 v. System but the quality of the service of a standard water heater.

Top 10 Eemax 13kw Comparison

The eemax 13kw water tanks are designed to provide your home with 13kw of power. This tank type is ideal for homes with an available energy bill amount of $13, 000 or more. The tanks can produce 13acious amps of tesla power, which can help to helpachu
the eemax 13kw water tanks are the perfect solution for those with a water heater that requires electricity to function. These tanks are electric only and produce 13kw of power in a blue 13kw color light. The eemax tanks are easy to clean and are designed to last for years.
the water tanks water tanks are perfect for those who want the benefits of an electric water heater but without the hassles of a gas one. They are these tanks, only they have electronic controlling systems that keep them running and cool, ensuring perfect temperature control every time.